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MOOD: Television


MOOD: Television

MOOD: Front Range understands what your business needs from a television service provider: flexible options, reliable service and total value. Whether you’re trying to draw a crowd for the big game, entertain the kids while they wait or provide access to timely news and information for your clients, we can provide the right solution for you.

How It Works

MOOD: Front Range offers the best in programming packages, equipment options and support services to meet your needs, providing the highest quality viewing experience for your customers and real value for your business.

MOOD:TV is the commercial arm of Dish Network for Central Iowa and Des MoinesProgramming

MOOD: Front Range is a proud partner with Dish Network to provide the best satellite television experience specifically designed for commercial applications.

We are Dish Network for business.

Together, we provide programming to entertain, inform and educate, offering business, news, weather, sports, entertainment and family-friendly fare. Packages are available to fit any budget and provide wide access to popular and local channels in HD. Lease and maintenance options offer the latest equipment with all service included.

Commercial Television Line Up

Installation and Service

With more than 165 offices and 450 technicians specialized in commercial audio/video systems, our National Service Network is unmatched. MOOD: Front Range provides prompt, consistent and reliable installation and service in your local area. Choose to include maintenance as a part of your package to realize incredible value and avoid unbudgeted costs.

  • Multi-story
  • Assisted Living
  • Corporate/Office
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Retail
  • QSR

MOOD:Des Moines | Music VideoMusic Videos

Did you know that MOOD:Front Range also provides one of the largest in-house music video content libraries in the industry? We can partner with you to identify the genres and artists that will work best for your business and provide video content that is engaging, cost-effective, and appropriate for your environment. Entertain your clients, motivate your customers to stay longer and spend more, and boost your employee productivity.

We Are Commercial Television

Are you tired of having to replace your new flat panel television within your business every couple of years?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a commercial flat panel television.

Our commercial flat panel televisions have a panel/lamp life of at least 60,000 hours.